Sticky FX’s ‘Glide’ on RGR Oldies


The latest library by Sticky FX called Glide is intended for AC and Hot AC formats but also proofs to be ideal for stations in for example the Oldies format. Imaging Director Maurice Verschuuren of Novaz Media in The Netherlands says: “If you’re in any format that’s not too soft and not too loud, this baby will deliver”.

Verschuuren used Sticky FX’s ‘Glide’ in the production of a batch of new sweeps and ID’s for Belgium RGR Oldies which is a sister station of rhythmic-CHR RGR FM. He continuous: “The great thing about Sticky FX and Glide FX is that you really hear the passion. It’s obvious that this material is made by folks that know all about radio imaging.”

Depending on the station’s feel, sound and format he chooses one or more FX libraries with which he produces all imaging of that specific station. “I love all kinds of libraries but I always try to use the same libraries for the same stations so the sound stays consistent. Sonic branding by using the same style FX is really important in recognition of the station”.


The sweeps and ID’s he made for RGR Oldies had to be consistent with the sound and the music so he chose ‘Glide’ by Sticky FX to make it work. “I love that all material is useable. You don’t have to worry about tons of awful noises that you weren’t going to use anyway. And there’s stacks of whooshes in the package which I until now really missed in any other FX library. They’re great to create transitions between different tempo’s and moods and they keep everything flowing without being too intense. Whether you’re imaging AC, Hot AC, Talk, Oldies or News, ‘Glide’ fits right in”.
Verschuuren concludes: “It also speeds up your production because all elements are logically placed in folders that make sense. And that’s great for me and my production company through which I produce imaging for lots of stations in Europe”.

Check out the demo of the imaging for RGR Oldies Belgium produced with Sticky FX’s ‘Glide’. For more information on ‘Glide’ check

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