ReelWorld Triple Kiss 2013 Demo Officially Out, Not Your Grandpa’s Jingle Package


ReelWorld’s Kiss 2013 now has an official demo.

The first in many years since the ReelWorld ONE service was launched.

Kiss 2013 dubbed as Triple Kiss showcases three different logos.

The familiar 3-note KIIS FM logo, the 4-note Kiss Boston logo melody and a new 103.5 Kiss FM sonic logo.

  • 102.7 KIIS FM
  • 103.5 Kiss FM (New!)
  • Kiss 108 Boston

JingleNews reported on this a couple of weeks ago and reactions are varied.

“Just when you thought ReelWorld were all about ‘monthly jingle updates’ they unleashed a brand new package”, Paul McGrath, owner of

“As much as I love ReelWorld Jingles. I’m not loving this package…”  says JKubiak on

“The cuts sounded amazing!” according to JC_djmac.

After not having heard narrated demos from the ReelWorld website, the jingle community thought it was a “thing of the past”.

The Kiss 2013 demo highlights the PPM-compatibility of the  package, “montaging” the cuts along with current hits.

Listen to the demo below or listen to all the cuts in the clear using the U-Mix it technology below.

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