Radio Producer, Getting Inspired And Staying Sane Via Sound Cloud


While subscribing to industry-related publications keep me abreast of what’s up in the industry, Sound Cloud is the latest add to my inspire me list of web apps.

The idea is to follow producers, voice talents and production houses from across the globe, follow their account and copy get inspired by their work.

Sound Cloud though is a social media platform too, so be ready being stalked by people you don’t know.

Seriously, the app is my favorite thing to look forward to everyday, I get to hear these amazing production and voice works from such wonderful talents from anywhere in the planet.

If you have not started your own Sound Cloud profile, you should. It’s also great as a marketing tool for you. Upload your best stuff and the not so glorious takes.

Like this one from  Freak ID. He just shared his out takes for a spot. I love listening to out takes.

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