TM Studios: Best of KissVille Holiday Jingles



Best of KissVille Holiday Jingles

KissVille is the pioneer in continually updating jingle production. Dubbed as the world’s first continually updating jingle imaging package, the service delivered fresh themes every quarter for CHR, Rhythmic AC or Hot AC formats, whatever the market size.

The story of KissVille started in 2005 and this is how they tell it:

“So this musician walks up to the bar to order a beer and overhears some radio guys talking about how lame CHR jingle packages have become.

Not content to mind his own business, get hisbeer and go back to his table, he invites himself into the conversation.

Fast forward: several dozen beers and four hours later KissVille, the world’s first continually updating jingle imaging package is born at precisely 12:37 AM.

We thought it was a great idea, but who knew KissVille would explode onto the radio scene and take CHR by storm?

We didn’t. Now, KissVille is powering the imaging on scores of great radio stations in major markets on five continents. And we’re already spawning copycats from the old school dudes … so we must be doing something right. ” —

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