UK Company Lets You Make Money Selling Jingles


UK-based spoken jingle company, Music Radio Creative, lets you earn *£30.00 or more each month for every purchase made through your referral.

Dubbed the “Music Radio Creative Affiliates”, the program aims to provide additional income for radio individuals by delivering sales through website or email promotions.

Sign up is free, upon which, you will receive marketing materials such as graphic banners, which will be placed on your website, on email blasts, or other promotional activities.

Click referrals are tracked by the program with real time stats, reporting and campaign management.

*One can earn 5% for each sale made through your referral. Using online payment services like PayPal, you will receive a £30.00 minimum payout each month.

“You will be approved for the affiliate scheme and you can get started real soon and make money from Music Radio Creative on each sale that you refer to us, good luck”, says Mike Russell via

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How To Make Money Selling Jingles

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