What Doesn’t Work on Radio Advertising?


Advertisers are often eager to find out of the effectiveness of their ad, especially if it’s something that is running on radio, and even on network television or cable.

While it is good to track the performance of the ad to a certain degree, there are certain points however that simply don’t work.

One of which is obviously trying to get listeners or viewers know that you’re doing such. Lines like “say you heard our ad on this station and we will … ” or “tell them (insert name here) sent you ” are very “in your face”.

However, there are far more effective means to track ads. One way is to put up a unique web page and mention it only on a certain ad. The generated page views are the definitive results of that particular advertisement.

Or use code names for specific product or service like “The Platinum Prestige Pack”. When you receive calls that mention such, you will know that they’ve been referred to by that ad.

There are many ways to measure ad success. Websites like the Daily Sound Vector will give you regularly marketing tips through their blog. Visit www.dsvmedia.com.



Dailey Sound Vector is the emerging leader for commercial jingles and music production. Over the past 10 years, DSV Media has managed to strike a balance between its advertising agency knowledge and exceptional raw talent. Dailey Sound Vector has produced and consulted for multinational corporations down to small, locally owned family establishments. Their work has be featured in the US, Canada, UK, Middle East and Africa.

In addition, DSV produces Urban (Hip-Hop) Imaging, Radio Ads, Voice-Overs, Copywriting and a number of other creative services for broadcasters worldwide.

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