Ace & TJ Take Over Mornings at WKQR-FM, WKQB-FM


Burbank, CA – Benztown Radio Networks is happy to announce that 2 more stations have become a part of the Ace & TJ family.


WKQR-FM and WKQB-FM are the latest additions to the morning show’s growing network ofthhappy affiliates, and will air their first syndicated broadcasts on June 20 .

For more information, or to get Ace &TJ in your market, please contact Benztown Radio Networks at

Benztown Radio Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollywood Radio Networks, Inc. is an internationalmedia syndication company providing unique, first-rate programming, production, and imaging services to radiostations and media companies across the world.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Stuttgart,Germany, the Benztown companies meet the challenges facing radio in the 21st century by providing innovativecontent, dynamic solutions, and an unmatched experience for affiliates, talent, and advertisers.

Stuttgart, home toour European Studios and the inspiration for our company name, is most famous for manufacturing the highestquality automobiles in the world: Mercedes and Porsche. Just like the city, Benztown Radio Networks stands forquality, creativity and service.

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