How HD Sound Effects Are Created?


Sound Ideas has been producing sound effects since 1978. In more than 3 decades, the company, founded by Brian Nimens has supplied award-winning audio be it for movie, TV or radio use.

After more than three decades, Sound Ideas is still producing materials that fit today’s production requirements. The HD technology has changed the way TV and radio stations are being broadcast and movies produced. On its newest offering the General HD Sound Effects Library, founder Brian Nimens show us how they recorded their 21st century sound effects, with sounds that range from anything that is USS Nimitz & Queen Mary II to Boats, Ships, Jet Skis & Air Boats.


The new library is available in “Hard Drive”. It contains more than 25,000 sound effects (over 150 hours of audio). The hard drive is formatted for either Mac or PC. And all files are supplied as 24 bit / 96 kHz broadcast wav files, embedded with fully cross referenced metadata for detailed and accurate asset management searches.

Watch how they smash cars, went face to face with beasts, and exhausted every means they have to capture rare moments, all in the name of HD sound effects.

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