Effect on Radio, Spotify and Siri soon shaking hands


Siri and Spotify could soon make friends. Apple and Spotify are discussing about the possibility of using the Cupertino voice assistant to play songs, playlists and albums from the iPhone.

Thanks to the changes made by Apple to SiriKit with iOS 13, Apple’s voice assistant is able to reproduce third-party content such as songs, audiobooks, playlists and albums; according to the information revealed by The Information, this integration is at the negotiating table between the two companies.

The default music player would remain the proprietary one of Apple, however for the user it will be possible to perform for example the command ‘ Hey Siri, play a song by Metallica with Spotify ‘ and use the Spotify service to play your favorite music. A discussion that goes some way to try to dilute even the tones after the recent accusations of Spotify aimed at Apple for unfair competition towards competing services.

At the moment there is no more precise information about the state of the works, however, given the recent diatribes between the two companies, it is easy for Apple to show greater condescension precisely in order to calm the minds and restore serenity in a decidedly hot situation between the two companies.

Is there any effect on this for radio? Not so much, the HomePod in the coming days will be more embracing of traditional radio and it will be even easier in fact if anything will be a big boost for radio.