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Which Promo Is Better? Battle of 100.7 Star Radio Spots

Producer Drake Donovan shared to us two of his newest masterpieces. However, he likes to know which of these creations of him, is better.

The audio below contains two promos produced by Drake for a contest promo at 100.7 Star Pittsburgh.

“I created these two promos for a contest giving a trip away to London thru the Hard Rock Cafe. Which is better?”, says Drake via Sound Cloud.

The promos showcase voice talent Anne DeWig and both are brilliantly produced.

But which of the two do you think is better? Comment on the Sound Cloud player below or on the Facebook widget.

About Drake

Drake Donovan is the Creative Services Director for  for WZPT-FM/Star 100.7 and WDSY-FM/Y108. He also produces web videos for KDKA-FM/93.7 The Fan. He also runs Drake Donovan Creative Services, a production company founded in 2004 that offers voice-over, sound design, graphic design and video support to radio stations in the continental United States.

Visit http://www.drakedonovan.com

Drake Donovan Voice Imaging: WDSY, WDOK, WQSH & KAJA

Here’s some recent stuff by voice talent Drake Donovan for four largest markets.

WDSY in Pittsburgh, WDOK in Cleveland, WQSH in Albany & KAJA in San Antonio.

Here are what satisfied clients had to say about Drake.

“This guys is great! Drake Donovan has been stellar with his creativity, flexibility and willingness to learn about what we do, so he can provide us with thebest possible product for our market.”

– Steve Stroud, GM, KDXN FM, Dickinson SD

“Phenomenal! It’s my favorite kind of production – full of sound effects and theater, and a treat for the ears. Makes you see the production!”

– Ann Dewig, voice actgor and former imaging producer of DC 101, Washington DC

Visit www.drakedonovan.com

100.7 Star’s Drake Donovan Wins PAB Award for WWE Promo

Drake Donovan won an award for the promo he produced for 100.7 Star Pittsburgh. The piece was for a WWE Raw Tickets promo.

“Just found out that I won a 2012 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters award for a promo I produced for 100.7 Star. This is how to give Wrestling Tickets away to 30-something women!”  – Drake.

Drake Donovan is a radio voice-over pro and creative services director.

His works can be heard on WDSY-FM/Y108 in Pittsburgh, PA, KAJA-FM/KJ97 in San Antonio, TX, WDOK-FM/The New 102 in Cleveland, OH, WQSH-FM/Crush-FM in Albany, NY, WZFJ-FM/100.1 The Pulse in Pequot Lakes, MN, KPRB-FM/B106 in Fort Morgan, CO.

Visit Drake’s website at http://www.drakedonovan.com

Below is the winning piece.