Apple Music’s Tokyo Highway Radio A Big Boost for Tokyo Music Industry


Mariya Takeuchi appearance as a guest on episode 36 of Apple Music ‘s radio program “Tokyo Highway Radio” released on November 3rd was celebrated by both fans and insiders in the local music industry.

Takeuchi talked about her childhood musical background, her fateful encounter with The Beatles, studying abroad, how she made her debut, and conflicts during her musical years.

The performer is an influential name in Japanese pop music and her guesting helped in introducing their local culture and music to new ears globally.

The full Mariya Takeuchi interview is now made available via the “Tokyo Highway Radio” section beginning November 5 on Apple Music app.

“Tokyo Highway Radio” works in conjunction with Apple Music’s playlist “Tokyo Highway” to introduce the most notable and trendy “Tokyo Sound”.

From city pop to indie rock, hip hop to future soul, it is a playlist where you can feel the city of Tokyo with songs by artists with alternative sensibilities.

In addition, the playlist “Plastic Lovers”, which is a collection Takeuchi’s hit and related songs, was released last November 3rd.

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