PAMS Jingles Resung for Hill Valley Radio by S2 Blue


On one of their recent projects, Secret Cinema decided to get the DeLorean out and go Back To The Future – a visit to Hill Valley circa 1955 – but when you’re going back you’ve got to make sure you pack enough jingles to get back!

The plan was to be as authentic as possible, so when they were setting up Hill Valley Radio there was only one place to look – the famous PAMS jingles! PAMS were there right at the birth of the radio jingles and were used by stations all over the world, including the UK pirate radio stations and BBC Radio 1 went straight to PAMS when they launched in 1967!

Simon Prentice, Managing Director S2Blue and Back To The Future Geek said, “For some reason jingles and Back To The Future geekdom seem to go hand in hand. I work at St Martin’s Studios, I’ve sat in a JAM session with Jon Wolfert, I visited ‘the tree’ on Bushnell Avenue, own a hoverboard and now have produced jingles for Hill Valley Radio. My anorak is well and truly zipped up!

These were great to work on. I enlisted ‘Mr Jingles’ Steve England to help choose the right cuts and we went all the way back Series 1 & 2 which would have been on air across the states in 1955. We’ve sung a lot of PAMS packages but even Steve hadn’t resung these!’

The resings can be found on the S2Blue SoundCloud page and you can listen again to Hill Valley Radio on Mixcloud at:

PAMS and JAM resings are available exclusively in the UK and Eire through S2Blue visit


Hill Valley Radio by Hill_Valley_Radio on Mixcloud

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