Finally a music licensing feature for Creators and Producers launched by YouTube


Radio station creators who are publishing content with copyrighted music now have a way to share revenue with artists.

YouTube announced today that its new marketplace, Creator Music, is now accessible to all YouTube Partner Program partners in the United States. The online destination, which was first revealed in September, offers a wide database of songs that creators can explore, search through, and purchase, with the conditions of the music rights set out in clear English so producers can comprehend the expenses involved. 

In addition to purchasing licenses, creators can select songs that provide revenue-sharing possibilities, in which both the creators and the rights holders profit from the use of the music.

The goal of Creator Music is to streamline the process of licensing pop songs. Creators may search for songs using an online dashboard or explore by collections, genres, or moods, and then check the license prices. Creators may also search for tracks depending on a budget they’ve chosen for their project.

When they identify a suitable track, creators have the option of purchasing a license after checking the conditions or entering into a revenue sharing arrangement. Creators may check out and quickly download the music to add to their project while editing with the former. They can pick a song with the revenue share option instead if they don’t want to spend an upfront fee for the music’s use.

The new service, however, does not replace YouTube’s current Audio Library of free tunes; it simply adds another alternative. When searching throughout Creator Music, creators may change the price filter to “$0” to continue viewing free tracks, including those from the Audio Library.

The Creator Music project was launched last autumn with other major YouTube initiatives, such as the company’s intention to commercialize Shorts and reform its Partner Program to incorporate a new Shorts-specific barrier of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in 90 days.

While Creator Music was first made accessible to YPP producers in the United States in stages, the business claims it is now entirely available to that group. YouTube says it plans to expand the service to additional countries over time, as well as enhance music options for non-YPP producers.