AXN10 and MXN10 network players for streaming digital music now released by Cambridge Audio


The classic audio company NAD recently unveiled its new CS1 network streaming devices, which are intended for consumers with older audio systems who want to upgrade their hi-fi system to include streaming capabilities.

Two new, reasonably priced network players have just been unveiled for folks who wish to switch to digital music. Cambridge Audio is a well-known British hi-fi business that has been producing cutting-edge audio for more than 50 years and has garnered several accolades.

Both the AXN10 and MXN10 are brand-new network players that provide premium streaming features at competitive prices. They will increase the affordability of using the company’s StreamMagic technology.

The two devoted players can play everything, including music from TIDAL, Spotify, and Qobuz as well as Internet radio stations. The sophisticated StreamMagic software from Cambridge Audio can be used to control both devices, allowing customers to manage their songs from a tablet or smartphone.

The AXN10 is the full-sized version of the two network players. This player is intended to complement Cambridge Audio’s entry-level AX Series of hi-fi separating, and it introducing matching network player for the first time.

The midi MXN10, on the other hand, offers the same capabilities and performance as the AXN10 but is contained in a smaller form size. The MXN10 can be usually stored neatly on a bookshelf due to its reduced footprint, and it provides an easy and compact solution to add streaming to any sound system, including a vintage audio setup.

According to the company’s press statement, both new players have excellent audio performance for the price. They are the product of Cambridge Audio’s substantial and continuous involvement in streaming technology research and development. Over the years, the company has created several award-winning products, including the superb flagship CXN V2 network player and the stunning Evo all-in-one systems.