From Taiwan to New Mexico, Veteran Radio Broadcaster Help Grew Radio Station to Survive COV19


In 2022, KTAL-LP will mark five years in business. Radio host and reporter Peter Goodman from the Las Cruces Sun News spoke about his journey at KTAL LP.

Kevin Bixby discovered that the FCC would issue a “low-power” radio license in Las Cruces more than seven years ago. Nan Rubin, a seasoned journalist and master of local radio, had relocated. To establish a legitimate radio station, Peter and his group applied for the license, disseminated the news, recruited and trained people who wanted to host radio shows, learned the regulations, purchased equipment, and secured studio and radio tower space.

In Taiwan from 1986 to 1988, Peter Goodman hosted an English-language radio program. In the middle of the 1970s, he hosted a weekly news-discussion program on KRWG-TV.

Peter believed they might meet a crucial need that would soon become even more critical: enabling Las Cruces to communicate with itself. In terms of politics, culture, society, music, the arts, and more. Peter and his friends recognized the need for a neutral, nonpartisan community radio station when other media outlets either went out of business or their local programming went stale.

They then continued. Not to contend with KRWG Radio, which the majority of his group usually tunes into, but rather to enhance KRWG’s regional programming. 

Peter and his group were ready to go on air, five years ago. Some believed they needed to raise more money to ensure their survival once they began broadcasting; others said they should get started right away and hope that new listeners would donate enough to keep the station running.

“Say Something, Las Cruces! “, the only two-hour news-focused program they have produced, was their first regular broadcast. Peter was soon joined by Walt Rubel as co-host, and Minerva Rivera stepped forward to serve as engineer so that he wouldn’t have to try to manage the board while interacting with guests and phone callers. Shirley Baca, who recently joined as a third co-host, brings her own local viewpoint and expertise.

Peter is delighted that KTAL has turned 5 — and determined to make the station better! 

The team produced a number of high-quality programs, each with a distinct theme and focus. Some hosts of shows were skilled and knowledgeable; some had always wanted to experience radio and seized the chance to do so. Everyone listened. Some gave financial support. Until they eventually employed a part-time station manager at the beginning of this year, the KTAL family persisted as volunteers.

They managed to survive COV19, according to Peter, despite mask disputes costing them one exceptional radio show and COV19 safety measures preventing them from meeting face-to-face for a considerable amount of time, let alone organizing another amazing Rio Grande Theatre fundraiser. Others left, and others joined them. They are unable to rave about all of the excellent KTAL employees who have impressed him both on-air and off-air due to space constraints.

If you have a show idea or questions, you can visit the website,

Congratulations to Peter Goodman and the team at KTAL for believing in the power of radio.