Japanese Brand Asahi Ad Campaign on Radio, with VOD proven to be a success


Japanese Brand Asahi’s successful radio and VOD advertising campaign

Asahi, a Japanese beer company, is utilizing its domestic advantages in a new media campaign by using large-font Kanji characters.

Wavemaker and Mcgarrybowen pitch Asahi Super Dry as a drink that will take you to the land of the rising sun while aiming for authenticity.

The bespoke music and sounds for “Beyond Expected” were released this year and will be broadcast on radio, YouTube, out-of-home (OOH), and dynamic audio media activations for people to hear in big cities.

According to Kelly Parker, chief operating officer of Wavemaker UK, “Asahi Super Dry distinguishes out from the competitors as a modern and aspirational beer with its pleasantly dry, crisp flavour with modern Japanese characteristics.”

No other nation in the world accomplishes this better than contemporary Japan, according to Sam Rhodes, marketing director at Asahi UK. “As a brand, our view is that you get the most out of living not by following the trail, but by discovering and re-inventing the future,” he continued.

And this was made successful using its two-punch approach, placing ads on radio (traditional media) and new media.

Due to Wavemaker’s identification of local “hotspots” where the Asahi brand could have the biggest impact, the data-driven campaign ensures a tactical rather than random approach. Previous Asahi advertising campaigns focused on highlighting the alcoholic beverage’s distinctive “Karakuchi” flavor.

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