ASX’s PopCore Vol. 17 – back, bigger and better!


ASX PopCore Vol. 17 showcase from Audio Sweets on Vimeo.

From ASX’s ever popular PopCore Series, PopCore Vol. 17 is back and  it’s HUGE – over 1.5GB and with over 300 fresh imaging elements to  update your HOT AC and CHR Hit Music programming! 

Popcore Vol. 17 was constructed with today’s hits in mind – a fresh new  sound, which can help your brand stand out.  

Denzil Lacey, internationally renowned imager and lead producer on  PopCore Vol. 17 & said “Popcore Vol. 17 is the biggest album we’ve  ever released and I am so excited to present a truly unique collection  that will make your brand stand out. You can plug-and-play or totally  

customise the pieces to put your own spin on it, while there’s over 300  elements included, you can make thousands of your own combos” 

ASX PopCore 17 contains 10 categories in this update and they include; Artist Drops, Beds, Breaks, Concert Drops, Extended Intros, Music  Imagers, Out of Breaks, Sonic Logos, Sound Design and Sweet  ‘Branded’ Intros. All for just £70(GBP)+VAT 

The PopCore Vol.17 track list: 

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