Radio Producer Chooses This FX Library for CHR Station Playing Upbeat 90s Music


It’s time for a new unique tool that lets you re-invent the sound of your station. With Sticky FX Grand FX you can get your imaging ready to take on all the competition in today’s radio world. A library with 365 FX & Work Parts including Starters, Impacts, Breakers, Hits, Sweeps, Beat Slams, Glitches, Risers, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Shots, Beat Starters, Apps, Slams, Stagers, Noises and Beds.

Grand FX is on air now at Joy Radio.

Marcel de Vries, DJ & Audiovisual producer at Joy Radio: “At Joy Radio we have a CHR format with lots of up-tempo 90’s music. Of course that needs imaging with the same kind of energy. Grand FX has proven to be an awesome investment, the complete new imaging of the station has been made with FX from this package. It has precisely the punch and freshness that blends perfectly with the music of Joy Radio.”

Get Grand FX and make your station’s imaging bulletproof to your competition, from wherever it may come! Visit

Listen to Grand FX on Joy Radio here: