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Other radio news:

South Korean Community Radio Expands with More Citizen Involvement

Representatives of 27 community radio companies gathered from all South Korea pledged, “We will build a citizen-participating broadcasting station that only community radio can do.” 

The Korea Community Radio Broadcasting Association (hereafter referred to as the Workshop Association) held the ‘Korea Community Radio Broadcasting Association Expansion Launch and Citizen Reporting Contest’ at the Seoul Press Center on the 5th.

Community radio, first introduced as a pilot project in 2004, is a low-power (10W or less) radio broadcasting targeting small areas (si/gun/gu). In July, when the Korea Communications Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Korea Communications Commission) granted a new license for community radio for the first time in 17 years, 20 new community radio broadcasts were added, bringing the total number to now.

Kim Woo-seok, head of the Korea Communications Commission’s Terrestrial Broadcasting Policy Division, said, “Newly licensed broadcasters are in the process of incorporation or are building broadcasting facilities. It is to continue broadcasting, which is loved by the local people, by shooting radio waves and well-organizing it.” 

In a congratulatory video sent to the Workshop Cooperatives, Yang Seung-dong, president of KBS, said, “The number of community radios, where local residents directly make broadcast content and deliver events happening in the neighborhood, has increased significantly. It will play a big role in weaving the local community, which is the basis of grassroots democracy.” He promised, “KBS will also study how local broadcasting stations and local community radio broadcasts can cooperate in radio programs and in disaster situations.”

Yoon Chang-hyeon, chairman of the National Press Workers’ Union, also said in a video, “The role of local terrestrial radio that can capture the voices of local residents, citizens, and workers who have remained in the shadow of the huge media influence has become more important than ever.” will be able to play a big role in advancing our democracy by connecting with each other,” he said.

The 20 community radio officials who received new licenses emphasized ‘communication with the local community and the underprivileged’ and ‘role as a disaster broadcaster’ in common.