PURE Jingles riding the WAV(e)s with new engagement


Sound design production house PURE Jingles has made its core team co-owner.  

Thomas Giger (sales director), Melvin Sleeking (managing director) and Pelle Kuipers  (creative director) are having a joint track record of 3 decades at PURE. Recognised  as an industry innovator, the Dutch company is known for its creative contributions to  radio stations of the BBC and Global in the UK, NRJ Group and RTL Group in France,  and iHeartMedia and Audacy in the US.  

Together with investor Ronald van Klooster, entrepreneur and co-founder of an online  marketing company, the new management has taken over a majority share from its  founder Diederick Huizinga. He stays with PURE, but now hands over the reigns for  all day-to-day operations to the new management team, which in recent months has  expanded the product range in radio jingles and production music.  

“Twenty years ago, I started with a dream: to create the most inventive imaging with  the best creative talents for the coolest radio brands all over the world… while having  the time of our lives”, Huizinga says. “It works; we’re doing it, thanks to a great team! I’ll enjoy to keep building with Thomas, Melvin, Pelle and Ronald, seeing that sharing  means multiplication. I am grateful.”  

How radio stations worldwide are sounding with audio design made in Holland can be  heard on the recently revamped PURE Jingles website under Showcase.  

PURE Jingles creates jingles, sounds and visuals with pure love for radio imaging, sound design and  visual branding for stations all over the world. PURE’s radio specialists are helping program directors  and their team to position & market their brand, making it stand out for both their audience and their  advertisers, which can contribute to higher ratings & revenue.