Lisa Young Voiceover: Versatile, Warm and Friendly


Lisa Young is an up and coming voice artist native to New Zealand, versatile with a range of genres and over 2 years experience. Noted for her deep, friendly & warm personas. She is a highly versatile performer with multiple demos and accents in a variety of styles. She records from her home studio or on location in Auckland and other connected cities throughout New Zealand.

Lisa Young has a wide experience including radio, internet and phone.


NZ Post / Dental World Henderson / Open doors / AB Insurance / Body Revolution / Christian Savings / Able Print and Promo /Christian Connection

Internet videos

Omega Plus Pet Food / Lincoln University / SCIS Australia Education Services / Holistic Hair / S&P Global / Ace & Tate Optometrists (Netherlands) / Tiburon Transmedia / Voyager Internet 

IVR / Phone

Foodery / Ativa Jewellery and Bellman Co

Listen to Lisa Young’s demo below and get in touch with Lisa by emailing to liselyoung at

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