For the new radio season, BRANDY has produced an imaging update for  Qmusic. The radio station, which airs in the Netherlands and Belgium,  strives to constantly respond to the changing expectations of its audience,  and it wants this to be heard in the styling too. Not by placing new music  beds under the existing vocals, but by regularly adding custom-made  jingles to the existing package. 

Last year, Qmusic changed its claim. ‘Q Sounds Better With You’ is now solidly  established, and that slogan is also the common thread in the new tracks. 

For us, as jingle producer, Qmusic has always been an outsider,” says Tom  Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “They were the first major media  brand in Western Europe to re-introduce power intros – but always tailored to  the song. And even now, they are one of the few hit stations to opt for a distinctly  musical jingle sound.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound:

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