Radio Globo Roma, Italia goes GRAND with their Radio Imaging


Grand FX 2 from Sticky FX is heard all over the world. Radio Globo in Rome, Italy, a big fan of Sticky FX libraries, went Grand with their on air sound using the Grand FX 2.

“As soon as I heard some files of this new package I couldn’t believe my ears. Every single sound effect gives you inspiration to start a new jingle, sweeper or promo. Every impact gives you that feeling of breaking through the wall. I’m sure you will appreciate the usability and quality of the sounds offered by the Grand FX 2 package. They work really well with the CHR music we play at Radio Globo. Every FX fits our sound seamlessly. I highly recommend it!”

Lucio Scarpa, Imaging Director Radio Globo

Grand FX 2 is jam packed with Impacts, Breakers, Starters, Sweeps, Whoosh Hits, Stagers, Slams, Risers, Hits, Glitches, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Wipes and Beds. All the FX and Work Parts you need! Work faster, better, bigger with Grand FX 2. The imaging toolbox with the sound of today!

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