Contact FM Powers Up with Brandy

Contact FM, the largest independent radio station north of Paris, is kicking off the new radio season with a complete jingle makeover. The new package is designed by Brandy with whom the station has been working for 12 years. It better reflects the station’s DNA and audience expectations. 

This update of Contact FM’s imaging extends beyond a simple refresh of the largest radio station of the Rossel La Voix publishing group. The station has also seen a renewed increase in market share. It is precisely this market leadership, pursuit of innovation, as well as positivity and connection that the station seeks to emit through its on-air imaging. Brandy was responsible for the creative and production. 

Contact FM is in a positive vibe, which motivates us to continue evolving. We have implemented several structural improvements to our flow which require some adjustments by our DJs and I’m sure our audience will welcome the changes. Brandy was the ideal sparring partner.” 

Nicolas Pavageau, Director of Groupe Rossel’s Radio Unit.

Brandy held an extensive voice casting to create a unique vocal sound that further differentiates Contact FM. The ‘top of the hour’ sequence has also received a complete makeover. The new jingle package consists of 12 station IDs, a top of the hour and new beds for news, weather and traffic. Have a listen to the aircheck:

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