Breaking News Imaging Package that doesn’t break the bank @StickyFX


Create your own unique news imaging style with Breaking News

When something happens in the world, you can rely on Breaking News to give your news stories the sense of urgency and the style you desire. Deliver the latest information just the way you want. Whether it’s for radio, TV or podcast, Breaking News has got you covered. With the 150 news beds, loopable trailers and interchangeable logos in 15 themes you can customize the sound of your news imaging to your specific needs.

Especially now with the coverage of all the Covid-19 news stories, you want enough ammunition to create news imaging for all the shows, features and updates. Get all the 150 elements in Breaking News Full Coverage with 35 bonus news FX or pick one of the 3 Breaking News Packs with each 50 beds and logos in 5 different themes.

Each pack contains 50 cuts including beds in 5 themes with separate logos so you can build your own custom news sound. Anything you need to keep your sound up to date including, news beds, headline openers, travel and traffic beds, weather beds, logos and news stabs. Breaking News Full Coverage combines all 3 packs in 1 bundle.

Breaking News works with a wide range of formats. From News and Full Service to Hot AC and CHR. For every story, whether it’s news, sports, entertainment, tech- or business news, Breaking News has all the elements you need to keep your sound always up to date.

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Breaking News is a Sticky FX and Streem Media collaboration