Get 81 Imaging FX now; also an Amazing Broken Air 3 Deal that Doesn’t Break The Bank @StickyFX


Flash Sale: Broken Air 3 – 50 Euro Discount. The Sticky FX flash sale continues with this amazing deal. Get Broken Air 3 for just 149 Euro. You save 50 Euro of the normal price!

Broken Air 3 lets you create your own unique audio brand and saves you time as well.

This flash sale only last 72 hours so you have to be quick to take advantage of this deal. Get it now: Broken Air 3 Flash Sale

All Broken Air libraries are also available in a friendly priced bundle.

Broken Air 3 is a Sticky FX & Streemmedia collaboration. Check out the deal here

Sampler Pack. If you are on a budget or you just want to check out what Sticky FX has to offer, the sampler pack is the way to go! You will get 81 FX compiled from all the libraries Sticky FX offers.

And the best thing is when they release a new library they update the sampler pack and you can re-download it for free! Get the package here