10 Imaging Effects (WAV) File Format, Get It Here


Get these more 10 imaging FX you can use for your podcast or other audio productions. Available in WAV file via the SoundCloud widget here. Look for the download arrow in the player to start retrieving the file.

In other radio news, Italians pay more importance to radio. The lesson of DJ Stefano Venneri at the Balbo institute of Casale Monferrato in Italy was of great interest . Sent to talk about his radio experiences, the presenter spoke about the value of radio in all moments of life. Venneri illustrated the constant presence of Radio Gold in all the major events involving the area. But radio, added the speaker, is also entertainment and above all music, despite the epochal change of the media.

To arouse the curiosity of the students, Venneri is said to be the holder of the title of being the announcer with the most hours of live radio broadcasting, thanks to his robust preparation and years of experience. Of course, there was no lack of questions about his role as speaker of Torino Calcio, an assignment that made Venneri famous throughout Italy. He is known for his ability to convey emotions to his fans.