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In other news, radio broadcaster starts campaign for homeless people – thousands of listeners join in straightforwardly in Germany. Berlin – The public radio station Fritz has now started a sensational campaign. The station that can be heard in Berlin and Brandenburg and that is aimed at urban and young listeners with independent, electro, hip-hop and heavy metal has now collected for underpants. At the end of January the radio station started the fundraising campaign “10,000 knickers for Berlin”.

The broadcaster wanted to collect 10,000 underpants, briefs and boxer shorts within three weeks . This donation marathon had a charitable background. Homeless people in the German capital should benefit from the collection. Around 700,000 people are said to be homeless in Berlin.

However, no worn undies were collected from the used clothing collection, but rather enough money to buy 10,000 underpants and distribute them to the homeless. The campaign, which was started and promoted by the radio station, ran (and is still running) via the online platform betterplace.org . On February 3 (as of 4.45 p.m.), the donation goal of 60,000 euros had already been exceeded! A whopping 62,170 have already come together – that’s enough money to buy more than the 10,000 hoped-for undies for homeless people in Berlin .

The listeners of Radio Fritz praise the action of its transmitter: “A piece of dignity! Clean underwear is so important! ”Wrote one on the net. “A thing that hardly anyone thinks about, but is still very important,” agrees another.

“So you can see again that everything is not always a matter of course in affluent society and that we overlook so much in everyday life,” commented another. “Many homeless people do not have the beneficial normality of taking fresh underpants out of the closet every day,” said another Radio Fritz fan.

Some radio listeners complain: “Why 6 euros per pair?”
But as always there were listeners who had something to complain about. “Don’t you think the price is pretty high?” A listener questioned the bill. “The main thing is fair trade cotton for 6 euros! In certain shops you can get three underpants for 5 euros. That would have been a bit more sensible, ”said another. But a listener replied sarcastically on Instagram: “Exactly because homeless people do not need quality, they can also use the cheap products sewn by children that break after 3-6 weeks.”

In any case, the radio station thanked for the support. Radio Fritz posted on Instagram: “You are the best! We are totally touched by your participation! And beyond the Schlüppies we are grateful that you shared your thoughts with us! “