The Brussels-based branding experts from BRANDY have let themselves go loose for WILLY. The new national music channel was named after Willy Willy, a famous Belgian rocker who passed away last year. His authenticity helps to shape the soul of the channel. The essence for the production were sturdy basses, bold guitars and banging drums. The very own sound for news and weather also provides an immediate recognisability. 

With WILLY ROCKS, BRANDY launches its second rock-oriented jingle package in a short time. Previously, Brandy produced the imaging for P13 from the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. Apart from the functional production like Top of Hour and service beds, they realised a package of short tailor-made IDs for Willy. 

It’s always nice as musicians, producers and radio freaks to leave the well-trodden paths and to get the opportunity to think out of the box. It was delightful to present a sound together with the WILLY’s that stands solid as a rock. In short: it rocks!” says Tom Van der Biest, creative director at Brandy. 

Discover an aircheck at: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/willy-rocks-2019 

ABOUT WILLY Willy is the youngest radio station by DPG Media, which also manages Qmusic and Joe. The channel is directed at the music lover age 35 or above who likes to turn up the volume and who wants to get musical surprises. Willy can be received over DAB+ and online. 

Hear more packages from Brandy, visit www.brandy-jingles.com