CHGA QUEBEC 2019 Jingle Package


CHGA Demo 2019

CHGA QUEBEC – Reezom Made The Show

New this summer, CHGA Gatineau Valley radio, after renewing its station’s sound in 2018, they came to Reezom for the imaging of its main shows: Studio 158 live with Gaétan Bussières / Ann Le Matin with Ann Éthier / Terminus with Sébastien Plouffe / Country week ends with Corianne Guénette.

You can now take a listen and sing everywhere in the Gatineau area and borough.

With big media brands such as BBLK, DST on France 4, Rouge TV and now MFMTV under its belt – Reezom is the creative studio that offers a true global approach of branding through video and sound design.

Check out all of their works at – where you too can appreciate the magic ‘touch’ of Reezom’s Team.

Reezom is a professional sound and video production studio that specializes in branding that is recognized for the originality and the creativity of its productions both musically and visually.

Reezom offers the most effective and creative solutions so you can stand out in your market.

The team will craft your sound and image so it reflects the values, the feelings and the personality of your media business. The finished production will be original, polished and a true reflection of your brand values. Reezom is currently responsible for some of the best audio and visual branding on air across Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and of course Quebec and Canada.