SBS Power FM’s Popular Program Now On Air in 5 Frequencies Across South Korea


SBS Power FM in South Korea is trending this week with its much talked about radio show Boom Boom Power.

The on air variety show is being broadcast every 4pm to 6pm and that its popularity and format can be likened to a breakfast show in the UK.

The show’s host DJ Boom is famous for his antics ang gimmicks among the latest is him swallowing a microphone.

Boom Boom Power is heard Monday through Friday, and includes segments like Real Stories, Get a song, Foreign Listeners and AS Center.

Because of its phenomenal presence on social media, more and more stations are adapting the program. 

In the metropolitan area, it can be heard through 107.7MHz and 100.3MHz. Boom Boom Power can be heard through 99.9MHz in Busan and 102.5MHz in Changwon. In Daegu, Gyeongju, and Gumi, 99.3MHz, Daejeon, Sejong, Nonsan, and Gyeryong, it is possible to listen to ‘Boom Boom Power’ at 95.7MHz.