VOH 95.6 in Ho Chi Minh City continues to enjoy high ratings from listeners, travellers, and motorists


VOH 95.6 is the only urban radio station in Ho Chi Minh City that provides complete information about traffic situation with the hope of being a companion to relieve traffic pressure of each traveller’s journey. VOH 95.6, the 3rd station of the HCMC People’s Voice Station.

For the people of the city, especially the drivers, VOH 95.6 is important in their every day drive. The station is considered a friend that brings a lot of useful information to help people get news and entertainment any time.

Mr. Hoa, a driver from Lam River – Ha Tinh, has been listening for over 4 years, sharing that he loves the VOH Traffic program. According to him, listening to VOH 95.6 lets him have a  comfortable ride, staying away from traffic jams and even get real time traffic info by receiving queries from listeners.

“My favorite is the VOH traffic program which is very useful because it helps me find other routes to make it easier. I can call the station and get information right away.

“I am addicted to listening to VOH. Because there are also some good music programs, reducing stress for the driver ”.

The station also offers rich, quality and diverse programs such as comedy, drama and health related shows.

Passengers who travel in long distances get entertained as well since the coverage of the station is wide.

VOH 95.6 employs a team of qualified reporters and editors who constantly monitor traffic situation from 5am to 11pm every day. 

Lieutenant Colonel Pham Cong Danh – Head of the Traffic Command and Traffic Control Unit under the Road Traffic Police Department (PC67) of Ho Chi Minh City Police affirmed, “VOH 95.6, The People’s Radio of Ho Chi Minh City (VOH) has made a significant contribution to the current traffic order and safety, a channel gradually becomes a close friend of the people, giving choices to the people to choose the appropriate direction. , avoiding traffic congestion, and positively supporting functional forces to quickly resolve the situation of traffic conflicts.”

On the other hand, VOH 95.6 also does a good job of disseminating  legal knowledge of traffic safety, improving traffic culture in the city. It is expected that in the coming future, the station will invest in CCTV system to further its mission to provide safe travel.