Top 10 Online Sources to Download Royalty Free Production Music for Radio and Digital


Let’s face it, it’s really annoying to have a great project on hand, and then to look for some original and beautiful royalty free music that does not violate any copyright law , especially knowing that most of the time you’ll have to compromise editing, or be satisfied with a soundtrack that is not really “brilliant”.

And so you search on Google “Free music sites” or “Where to download royalty free music”, coming very likely to a slew of fictitious results of sites that in reality or are not really free, or have soundtracks that you can never use.

And radio producers now also get to wear another hat, to produce audio for digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Instagram and YouTube. And the last you want for your production is to be muted by labels, copyright owners or worse be completely taken down.

So here are resources you might find useful.

1. Incompetech
If you want to start your search with the right foot, the advice is to start from Incompetech , site created by the composer Kevin MacLeod with many tracks, starting from the horror soundtracks, rock, pop and even the polka, all divided strictly for gender and atmosphere. MacLeod only asks for a credit in the video, a more than legitimate compromise.

2. DanoSongs
Do you know Dan-O, a composer who offers his original songs for free download on The royalty free music can be used free of charge, provided that in this case you also provide the link to your website or credit it in your work .

3. Moby Free
Instead who does not know Moby? Yes, just him, the American musician and singer, author of the famous album Play . Good! If you want to use the music of this well-known artist for free, the right website for you is Moby Gratis . In the music is free, provided that your video project is non-profit and not for commercial purposes.

4. Free Soundtrack Music
It would be enough to translate the name of this site to understand what it offers. In this case, to be completely honest, part of the music on the site is paid. However, many of these tracks are free and can be easily downloaded and used in your projects.

5. ccMixter
ccMixter more than a music site is a community where you can find many tracks that fall under the Creative Commons license . The site allows you to listen to music, create mashups and more. Please note that some Creative Commons licenses may require credit within your video.

6. Partners in Rhyme
In Partners In Rhyme you will find music loops, sound effects, midi files and much more. Again, watch out for cases where the music on Partners In Rhyme is paid, but having said that, they have a satisfying selection of music loops and complete tracks available for free download.

7. PacDV
Even PacDV offers a solution similar to that described previously: that free music and sound effects for all your multimedia works such as video and audio, in exchange for mention and visibility to their site or listing them in the credits.

8. Public Domain 4U
Public Domain 4U is a great site to find digital audio content that no longer enjoy the intellectual property rights associated with them , either because they have expired or because they have been lost. Music, videos and other content in the public domain can be used in any way, for example by inserting them in the videos you want to share online.

Much of the music is “dated” (the music of the early 1900s is now in the public domain if the copyright has never been renewed), but there are also more modern tracks that are free and with the permission of the artist.

9. Musopen
Musopen , like Public Domain 4U, provides music with expired copyright. On the site page they say, “We provide free recordings, scores and textbooks to the public, without copyright restrictions. In short, our mission is to free the music “. Quite clear, no ?! In Musopen you can search for music by composer, performer, instrument or period. And it’s great, especially if you’re looking for classical music.

10. Beatpick
As they say in the homeland of the Union Jack, ” And last but not least ” Beatpick , which features a large selection of licensed music that can be used for free if you are editing a non-commercial or non-profit video. When you have chosen the song you want to use, click on “License Song” and select “Non Commercial projects” , and easy-peasy lemon squeezy , that’s it.

Bear in mind though that most of these sources require credit, so it is best to use if you are also using your production for a digital format or on social media to be precise because it is easier for you to credit the owners.

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