From BBC Radio 1Xtra to Apple Music, What New Recruit Means for the Streaming Service


Hip-hop has now become a key genre in the battle between various streaming music services, with companies like Spotify and YouTube moving through different strategies to attract new listeners who are passionate about this genre. Now, even Apple does the same.

The Cupertino company has in fact hired Ryan Newman , now an ex-editor of the BBC and Radio 1Xtra for hip-hop. Over the past few years, Newman has been responsible for creating and implementing the BBC’s and radio station strategies for hip-hop music. In Apple Music she will have a similar role on both the platform and, most likely, on Beats 1.

Incidentally, Newman is not the first former BBC to go to Apple, as it has also happened with Zane Lowe , now a major Beats 1 DJ.

Moreover, his assumption confirms that hip-hop is one of the key genres to conquer new users and keep it on the platform, given that a few other genres on Apple Music have such important publishers.

Personally I do not like the hip-hop genre, let alone the grime. I think that Beats 1 is full of rap and odd content and this convinces me more and more not to follow the Apple radio. I remind you that this is free, even for those who are not subscribed to Apple Music, and airs 24 hours a day.

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