Rex FX – Your Station Deserves This One Beast of an FX Library @StickyFX


When you’re creating an audio brand for your station, you want it to sound distinctive so it can be easily recognized in a diary and PPM markets. So why choose the same sound FX libraries as your competitor or a sound-a-like? You want your brand’s name to stand out and have recall!

Rex FX is the package that helps you with inventing your one of a kind sound for your station’s imaging. So leave all the other copy-paste stuff and create a really unique sound for your station that enhances the recognition of your station’s name. It’s the ultimate audio branding tool for any CHR, Hot AC, Greatest Hits or Rock station in an overcrowded market.

Early Rex-FX users say: “This is really something else, an absolute valuable addition to my arsenal” and “The perfect library for when you want to create something else than more of the same dull imaging”.

Ivo Boudewijns, Executive Producer at Sticky FX reveals what separates it from other FX libraries.

“It has a distinctive sound from other libraries. It has a sharp edge and sounds modern like today’s music. Also the beds resonate today’s sound of the hits CHR and Hot AC stations play. Especially the rhythmic based Beat Fx give you as a producer a really cool tool to create some unique id’s with. And there’s 19 beds in fx-version and clean loopable version that have the sound of today’s hits.”

365 fx and work parts that give your imaging a distinctive and unique sound. A versatile production beast including 30 Beat FX, 38 Beds and loopable beats, 47 Breakers, 63 Impacts, 14 Noises, 26 Pads, 26 Risers, 26 Slams, 58 Starters and 37 Sweeps. One giant package with all the fx you’ll ever need!

Or simply download it immediately at: Get it now with the introduction discount offer. For a limited time, only €249!

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