What This Guy Will Miss About American FM Radio If Shut Down Like Norway


Back in the 80’s, when I was a teenager, growing up in the border of Laredo, TX. I discovered the wonderful world of long distance radio, better know as DXing.

I used to get in my father’s car at sunset and stayed there for hours moving the dial little by little, looking for the farthest signal possible.

Laredo has a great location to hear distant stations either on FM but specially in AM.

In FM it was common to hear stations from San Antonio and McAllen, TX although, one night I heard one all the way from the state of Oklahoma!

To the south, because of the geography, I only heard stations from Monterrey, México.

Hearing the news about Norway’s FM made me feel nostalgic and sad at the same time.

I really hope that will never happens in the US. You could say that if Video killed the Radio star, then the Internet killed the video star.

Unfortunately, because of the Internet, I do not spend hours in my car trying to capture the faint signal from a distant station, all I have to do is grab my phone and fire up one of those radio apps like TuneIn to listen to any station in the world with the clarity of a local FM station.

Yes, I miss those romantic days, no wonder one of my favorite songs is Queen’s Radio Gaga.
Radio, someone (now living in CA) still loves you.

– Jesus Gonzales of California

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