Pro Tools-Like Web App Lets You Mix Audio in Browser For Free*


There are plenty of browser based desktop digital audio workstations out there like AudioSauna.
But since Adobe’s Flash technology is already obsolete, fans of audio mixing web apps turn to HTML5.

Launched today via Google’s Chrome Experiments Lab, Just Don’t Mix by Chi Zeng is now available for audio producers to use, free for now.

It’s still in its infancy stage though, but it looks promising.

Not exactly the Pro Tools type of capability, so plugin nuts, sorry, but boy this looks exciting.

About Just Don’t Mix

An audio mixer with 5 channels – slice, move, and apply effects to channels or master.

Edit while playing for live feedback.

Undo and redo.


web audio API, media streams, 2D canvas, web workers (for rendering WAV and MP3)

To try the web app, visit the link below.

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