ZONE’s KS95 Jingles Remixed for Big B21


Zone Radio Imaging’s KS95 jingle package has been resung for Europe’s Big B21.

The project is under PORS Impact Creative in The Netherlands.

The KS95 Threequel package fits Big B21 perfectly using the famous five note sonic logo.

Pors Impact Creative produces jingles, commercials and voice-over projects. Situated in Geldrop, the Netherlands, the company can deliver in any language, throughout the world.

Pors Impact Creative, specializes in producing powertools for your station.

• Jingles / Imaging products for radio and television
• Commercials
• Production libraries
• Multimedia

Pors Impact Creative offers more than the essentials needed for a high-quality production on an international level. 20 years of experience and a really cool and workaholic team always provides the sound your
looking for.

Visit now.

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