Musical Imaging Taken To The Max


“The best jingles ever!” tweeted one of the Q-DJs. It’s great that Brandy can still surprise after 12 years of intense collaboration with Q-music.

The new Q-music jingle package had to sound positive, surprising, energetic and authentic. The briefing: “Make sure the listeners can sing along to the jingles. And create tools that help the DJs to create smooth transitions – or stark contrast”.

Brandy’s composers, musicians and producers have pulled all stops for this package. Dance sounds like dance. And the rock tracks rock as hell.

The vocal sound is a custom vocal blend. Lots of vocal talent was cast and combined to achieve a sound that’s powerful and compact yet retains tons of character. It’s a showcase for the Brandy promise: every project is unique and gets its own distinct approach.

Q The Max consists of 15 basic cuts, a Top of Hour and service beds for news, weather and traffic. The package is combined on air with Brandy’s one of a kind Power Intros. Want your listeners to sing along to your imaging too? Get in touch with us!


Q-music is one of Europe’s sexiest radio brands. The group has nationwide stations in Belgium and The Netherlands with market shares of 14% and 9%.


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