360 Country Christmas/Holiday Imaging Theme Update


360 Country jingles are just one part of the full brading service called 360 Country.

This package is not meant to be futuristic, too cool for the room or over the top.

These jingles are designed, writted, performed and produced by the same musicians who play with Carrie, Keith, George, Kenny, Taylor and the rset of the biggest Nashville Stars.

The tracks have power and tempo and firt right in with the music a country station is playing.

360 Country is the package that sounds like the music country radio plays today.

It’s a customized, updating package, literally, like no other in existence.

360 Country Jingles are available on their own or along side the full 360 Country Branding service which can be on 360.TMStudios.com.

Recently, 360 rolled out a new imaging theme for the holidays, check out below. (Audio demo includes recent imaging udpate)

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