CityBeat Finds New Identity In 2012 AudioSweets ID Package


Citybeat choose some Sweet jingles and access to the ultimate imaging pick and mix!

Belfast’s Citybeat 96.7 and 102.5 FM coated new sweetness to their imaging – with their first ever custom sung jingle package by AudioSweets ID service of

Here is what John Kearns, Programme Director of Citybeat had to say:

“I recently enlisted the services of Simon and the team at AudioSweets ID when it came to creating and redesigning a station sound and jingle package. I was impressed by the team’s approach, the jingle package is superb, the client service impeccable!”

“I would recommend these guys to any radio station in the world!”

Simon Prentice, Managing Director of AudioSweets revealed,

“The AudioSweets sound is ideal for Citybeat – the imaging not only stands up to today’s music but is also user friendly from a presenter and station producer point of view with stacks of mix outs.”

“Citybeat now have a true identity.”

The team at AudioSweets ID revealed further to us that they are now working hard on three new custom pacakges for groups across the UK, so make sure to check out for updates.

The freshly launched AudioSweets ID is produced by the team behind the successful Sweet Factory – AudioSweets successful pick and mix imaging site, used by over 40 stations in the UK and over 100 across the world.

From soft AC transitions to in your face CHR imaging; next time your station needs a refresh – go AudioSweets ID.

Visit now.

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