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A new website is providing music lovers with a whole new internet radio experience., the brainchild of station director Mike Russell, plays nothing but remixes of current popular tracks round the clock. Any listener tuning in will be greeted by non-stop streaming of the radio station’s creative takes on pop music, all of which were meticulously chosen by expert producers from jingle company Music Radio Creative. The flexible playlists are updated regularly with new songs and beats to provide their audience with a listening experience that no other radio station on the internet can match.

Tracks are selected from Top 40 charts, Google, YouTube and other music sources on the internet, while the web stream is constantly monitored for listener input and feedback to provide an ever improving and enjoyable listening experience. All of the jingles that are played on air are specially designed to blend seamlessly with the music.

Tune in here:

Since there are no regular radio shows (the presenters are the voice overs, singers and team members at Music Radio Creative), listeners can be assured of a one-of-a-kind listening experience whenever they tune in. came into being in the span of just two weeks. The project was an initiative of Mike Russell, also the creative director at Music Radio Creative, who grew up listening to remixes on the radio yet never having the means to dig up more information about the beats he loved. Now, with just a click of the mouse, anyone can view information about a song that’s playing and even buy tracks online instantly. Also, all of‘s recently playlisted tracks (along with song descriptions and remix information) can be found on their website., known as the internet’s first 24/7 radio station from a radio jingle production company, is a concrete example of the ease with which anyone can create their own radio station if they set their mind to it. Mike is currently writing an e-book on how he managed to turn his radio station concept into a reality in just 2 weeks. Mike Russell said of the project, “I always wanted to create a radio station that I thought sounded great and never had the chance to do it until now. Working as a radio producer in terrestrial radio for over 15 years there were always rules and restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do with the imaging. With this project I finally have the chance to live my dream!”

Aside from being a radio station that is devoted to providing amazing remixes, is also a valuable resource hub for audio producers, radio station management, DJs and podcasters. It showcases the power of how the right kind of audio production, branding and radio imaging from Music Radio Creative can make any project sound awesome.

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About Music Radio Creative:

Music Radio Creative has a pool of professional audio designers, voice talents, singers and musicians who are always on hand to provide custom made voice-overs, jingles and audio branding. From simple DJ drops to full-blown radio imaging, the Music Radio Creative team can deliver excellent quality every time. Visit the website at

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