The Cons, Pros of iShotgun Super Cardoid Mic for iPhone


Mic-W has released the new iShotgun, the latest in the iSeries professional microphones.

Built for radio people who are looking into integrating their iOS and Android smart-phones or tablets for voice recordings, the iShotgun sports a 8.2=5 wide super cardoid electric condenser, eliminating undesirable noise.

No audio interface or batteries needed, all you that is required is app and your gadget.

But what are its strengths and weaknesses.

Its pros include: clear sound, innovative and compact design. Its cons are that it’s fragile and requires desk mount for a stable recording. It is best used for soundtracks, recordings, performances and interviews.

“Very well made with excellent directional sound quality. Fantastic for interviews on the go. I even recorded some killer sound effects!”

“Comes with a nice assortment of accessories and doesn’t require a power source. This is a quality, pro mic.”

“CONS: This mic is extremely sensitive. Be sure you’re in a quiet area …and don’t bump the mic! I really wanted a desk stand.” – Mark Jensen, Product Reviewer, Orlando Florida

The iShotgun comes in a rugged case with the following accessories: 1x windscreen, 1x Mini Boom-pole, 1x extension cable, 1x curly Dsrl interface cable, 1x T headphone/mic splitter, 1x top headphone/mic splitter, 1x shoe mount suspension for Dsrl camera’s.

Main Features:
• Warm and rich sound
• No batteries needed
• No installation required, just Plug & Play
• Very light: 20 g
• Suits iOS, Android
• Polar pattern: Super Cardioid
• Sensitivity:-42 dB (8 mV/Pa)
• S/N ratio: More than 65 dB
• Impedance: less than 2.2K
• Frequency repsonse: 100 Hz – 18 kHz
• Plug and play: 3.5 mm 4-Pole headset interface
• Capsule diameter: 8.5mm; Weight: 20g

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