Puur NL New Imaging Package


Pors Impact Creative introduces the brand new spanking jingle package for Puur NL in Europe.

Jingles that sound like today’s music with vocals that are loud and proud.

The Puur NL logo is pure recognizable and pure functional.

A big 20 track package with main,slogan,shotgun,news and traffic material.

“Puur NL, HOT Imaging custom geproduceerd door ons nieuwe productie team. De jingles klinken als hedendaagse hits en de vocalen van het Puur NL logo zijn krachtig en effectief.”  – Pors Team.

Puur NL, is a HOT Imaging package produced by our new production team. The jingles sound like contemporary hits and the vocals of the logo are powerful and effective.

About Pors Impact

Pors Impact Creative produces jingles, commercials and voice-over projects. Situated in Geldrop, the Netherlands, we can deliver in any language, throughout the world.

Pors Impact Creative, specialized in producing powertools for your station.

• Jingles / Imaging products for radio and television
• Commercials
• Production libraries

• Multimedia

Visit http://www.pors.nl/


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