S2Blue To Release New JingleWorld CD


JingleWorld.com, S2Blue’s premiere radio and TV commercial jingle service, is adding a new volume to its library.

The JingleWorld Volume 6 will soon be out with fresh tracks from new composers.

The service has hundreds of commercial jingles available to be re-sung for TV or radio campaigns.

Its team of composers, singers and engineers are experts in jingle production, having created thousands of jingles for campaigns all over the world.

There are hundreds of categorized jingles on the site.

And a custom jingle is also a great option.

Release date will be announced here or follow S2Blue on Twitter for updates here http://twitter.com//s2blue.

Search for a jingle now at www.thejingleworld.com and order your free CD.

JingleWorld Demo


Hi-Tech Turf


JingleWorld Vol 1


JingleWorld Vol 2


JingleWorld Vol 3


JingleWorld Vol 4

[audio:http://jingleworld.co.uk/Audio/Jingle World Volume 4 Sampler.mp3]

JingleWorld Vol 5


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