Dave Foxx: Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!


This month on Production 212 by Dave Foxx on RAPMAG.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!”

When most folks turn on the radio the first time each day, chances are very good that they’re looking for either entertainment or information.

That’s really all radio is good for, but that is quite a lot. In recent years, the ‘suits’ in radio have been running in fear of alternative media.

Satellite radio, MP3 players, the Internet, cell phones and tablets all offer the same music radio does, but with no commercials. “Lions and tigers and bears… Oh my!” Like Dorothy and her friends in the Wizard Of Oz, the bean counters are afraid of something that should not be feared at all.

In fact, alternative media should be embraced and made a part of what we do. You my friends… are the reason why.

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WWE13 Voice by Dave Foxx

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