How To Get Free Download of Sound Freqz Sampler


Sound Freqz announced that it will be giving away free download of the new Sound Freqz Sampler, a package of imaging tools from the world renowned Sound Freqz catalogs: SF Volume 1, SF Xmas Grab Bag, SF Urban AC and SF 80s Imaging Library.

How to get free download

Go to the Sound Freqz Sound Design page on Facebook.

Click the link here

For the month of May, a Sound Freqz Sample free download will be given to one lucky winner who will be randomly chosen for liking the page and will be notified on June 3, 2012.

About The Sound Freqz Sampler

If you are not already familiar with the quality and usability of Sound Freqz Imaging Tools, Sound Freqz Sampler is a smart and affordable way to gain access into the versatile Sound Freqz catalog.

From cutting edge ear grabber fx, to smoother transitional elements, each track in this collection was hand picked to be easily incorporated into multi-format audio imaging applications.

The “Sound Freqz Sampler” is perfect for:

  • Stations and producers who are working with tight budgets
  • Station start-ups
  • To simply freshen things up without breaking the bank

In this collection you’ll get a variety of some of the coolest elements from the four Sound Freqz Libraries. Breakers, Combos, Loops, Impacts and more for only $99.

Client Testimonial

“Just what you need… and no fat!  There is not a single “throw away” in this library.  Sound Freqz is a great little package.” -Dave Foxx, Clear Channel New York

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