Top 4 Key Analysis Software for Producing Music Image Promos


Producing music image promos nowadays isn’t just about beat-matching.

Your songs should segue next to each perfectly, key-wise. Much of the music imaging you hear on major stations in the US produce their promos this way.

In the world of dj mixing, this is called harmonic mixing.

If you are a musician, it is easy for you to find out. But professionals prefer using software that automate the process.

There are four well-known music key analysis software in the industry.

  1. beaTunes
  2. Mixed in Key
  3. MixMeister
  4. MixShare

DJs often test these softwares for accuracy and compatibility using the Camelot System. All four software generally show good performance, although Mixed In Key proved to be a favorite by most producers and DJs for showing high accuracy and compatibility ratings.

Check out the links on each software above and test-drive them.

But whatever application you use, you get the idea, DJs consider the key to mix their songs harmoniously, so why not with your promos.


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