Z100 Harmonic Music Image Promo



Z100 Music Promo (Turn Me On, Good Feeling, Domino)

Z100 Creative Services Director Dave Foxx has stressed the importance of harmonic producing, creating music image promos with songs of different keys transition smoothly.

On the article Radio Imaging: To Get In The Mind, Go Through The Heart, Foxx said that key is relative.

“This is a fun one! When you look at the scale, you’ll see A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Certain pairs sound good together; for example C and E – that’s a third. But if you try to combine C and D, it will sound like a train wreck. So what we do at Z100, is: we step it up” (again building bridges to fill the gap).” from RadioILoveIt.com


Above is a sample of a  harmonically-mixed music image promo on Z100, from Production Vault CHR (http://www.productionvault.com)

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