ONEfm 2012 Imaging by Brandy

ONEfm started 2012 with another imaging update produced by Brandy.  The new package consists of a number of IDs, sweeps and singsweeps
complementary to the ‘The Kick’ jingle packages.

After refreshing the visual logo for the Swiss station about one year ago, Brandy also created a graphic style guide for coherent visual branding.
It doesn’t take a Master degree in Communication Sciences to see the importance of coherent branding for media brands – both on and off the

There’s still a heated debate about where the best chocolate is made (in Switzerland or in Belgium)… but the ONEfm DJs and the Brandy crew
definitely agree on the sound of CHR imaging.

The imaging update allows the DJs to craft their transitions and segues into perfection, resulting in an optimal flow – quintessential for contemporary hit  radio.

And Santa also brought a Brandy toolbox for the ONEfm in-house producers. That’ll keep them busy for a while…at least until Santa returns 🙂

For a demo click here

Besides that, Brandy also produced the graphic elements that will brand the communication in print, billboarding and online accompanied by a precise style guide that determines the use of logos, waves and other graphic elements.

For a preview:

As ONEfm is recognizable by its constant flow of hits, the brand’s visual communication now gets the same instant impact with a clear, transparent
and glossy corporate identity.

About Brandy
Brandy is a Brussels based consultancy and production agency specialized in on-air branding. Brandy consults and creates audio and graphic design for both public and commercial radio and TV-stations in Europe, North- & South-America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa.

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